My mission

I aim to inspire.

To make an impact.

Being a pioneer at my sport, has not always been easy.

There’s a certain price attached to being the first one to breakthrough a certain path.

Doing things that no one has done before.

Overcoming a variety of challenges.

Coping with obstacles.

Facing certain situations in which no one else other than myself could help me with.

But there’s also a certain sense of responsibility that comes along with being a pioneer, that helps me cope with those though moment.

Knowing that what I do counts for other young girls, who might one day choose to follow a similar path.

Coming from a place like Israel, I understand the significant role that sports can play in shaping a girl’s self-esteem. And how empowering the sense of facing your fears is.

This sport had played a vital role in shaping the person that I am today.

And therefore, my mission is simple:

I aim to inspire more girls to get on a bike. Preferably, a Mountain-Bike.

And learn that they too, can push themselves higher than they imagined.

And maybe even make difference in other girls lives.


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