Noga Korem

I started riding when I was 14 years old.

I always had a “thing” for pushing the edge, and in Mountain Biking I found true love.

Coming from a place like Israel, where cycling is not a major sports, it was always clear to me that I have to take matters in hands if I want to make a difference:

At the age of 18 I finished 5th at the MTB Cross-Country Junior World Championships.

In the following years I have won several National Champion titles as a Cross-Country racer, but as a matter of fact, those were the more aggressive Downhill and Enduro disciplines that I was truly passionate for.

It was only 2 years ago, that I decided to give Enduro racing a go.

With a very poor preparation, I was able to perform and finish 6th places at my very first EWS races.

Racing as a “Priveteer” in 2017 without any team support, I finished in a couple of EWS Top 5, managed to get on one podium and was awarded as the “Breakthrough of the year” by the Enduro World Series.

Signing for the American GT Factory Team in 2018-2019, I was able to step up my game and finished on the Podium at the prestigious Whistler EWS race.

It was a game-changing result that had proved that I have what it takes to perform against the worlds best in my sport.


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